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Insights by Sandra has been guiding clients from around the world for  over 30 years.  Sandra has also been known as Dsandra, on for over 15 years and as Lady Silver Moon.



Between the Wish ~ And the Outcome ~ Life Happens

I am a clairvoyant and an empath. I also use a regular deck of cards as a tool to help clarify the messages I am receiving.  When it all comes together and things start to unfold—-I speak. There are no set words, nothing is planned. My goal is to deliver any information I may receive in a clear, concise, down to earth way so you may gain insight into the situation at hand to help you with your choices.



sandras insight Insights by Sandra

 Everything comes from the place of Spirit and intuition, there is no judgement here 

Everyone needs support at times. We all get confused, especially when it comes to our own situations. My purpose is to help you view the paths that are open to you and the time frames in which things may occur. A psychic reading can bring some clarity so you may explore your options. The insights into the possibilities is what I offer. Free will of choice is yours and is always changing. So please realize, the energy picked up shows the paths and openings (or lack of) around you at the moment.

Nothing is written in stone. We do not interfere with the free will of others and realize, their Karmic path may be different from what “you” wish it to be.

A reading by Insights  by Sandra will not solve your problems overnight but it is a powerful tool. Readings can serve as a guide to help you understand that events can be altered and influenced by will. We are not helpless bystanders.

A psychic reading is like a compass. It does not include a map and instructions. Like a compass, it is a guide to keep you on track, to give direction to your travel. It does not guarantee the end only that you will move forward on your journey.



Remember—In life, try not to focus so much on the destination but enjoy the journey because that after all, is all there is.


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