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On December 5th we will have our last full moon of the year.  It also brings us into the last release cycle of 2014.  Time to let all the old year go.

We all have accumulated a lot of baggage during the year and it is time to release it  in this Last Release cycle of 2014.  Werther  it is an old romance that no longer is growing, an old habit, or those old clothes in the closet.

It is hard in our society to see fallow or hard times in the proper perspective.   Think of it as a time of hibernating.  Instead of our focus being on the outside world, use it as a time to clean our own cave.

Fear of letting go can block this.  Also fear of not having.  We will stay in a relationship that no longer serves our higher good.  It is time to clear the negativity out of ourselves and our relationships.

We will hang onto clutter that we know we may use again (it more than likely is so outdated).  Even the broken vase we are going to repair.  And what about the things we are going to yard sell?

Perhaps it is time to start that goodwill bag.

Times when nothing are happening are times to use to access what give you pleasure, what interests you, what is really important in life.   And what is unnecessary fluff.  And above all to see how you can clear your mind.

So on this last release cycle of 2014, Let go of the old, delete, make room for new.

As Nike would say–Just do it!!!!


Below you will find 2 simple candle exercises if you choose:



One Red Candle

One White Candle

On the day after the full moon , Light the red candle and then the white.  The red of for a higher vibration for action, the white is protection and calm.

Let them burn until out.



One green candle

One white Candle

On the day after the full moon, write on a piece of paper –Please remove all obstacles interfering with _____your desire ___________Light the green then the white

Let them burn until out

I use the glass jar candles that burn for 7 days.  I place mine on a cookie sheet or in the fireplace in case of cracking.  If you must put them out, snuff do not blow and relight asap.

The key is to put them where they are visible to remind you of your purpose.


For more ideas or concepts on clearing your life, a psychic reading with can help to inspire you!!!!


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