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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Energy Flipping or Candle Flipping

red candle 1


Ever just have that really bad day?  Or seems a bit down with no reason?  Try Energy Flipping.

Often times we have a stressful period in our lives or several negative things come at once.  This creates a build up of negative energy in the home.

Energy Flipping or candle flipping as it  is also called , is a simple exercise to reverse the vibrations in a surrounding.


Many people think of candle work as a witchcraft thing when actually, it is simply shifting the energy and providing something on which to focus  depending on the need.

The term “flipping a candle” started with the gypsies in Brussels.  They would flip candles to ensure they would not get caught committing a crime or that things would go gentle if they did.


The color Red has the highest vibration of all the other colors and can pull energy to you, so it stands to reason that flipping (or reversing) a red stick candle will make that energy go away!  ie Energy Flipping!


How to Energy Flip or flip a candle:

If you want something to go away, take a red stick candle, cut off the top so you can put that end in the holder.  Cut the bottom of the candle to expose the wick.  Place the candle upside down in the holder.  Now light the wick you have exposed,  releasing all the negative energy and Voila!!  Energy Flipping


This act of Energy Flipping can be done anytime.  There is never a bad time to flip a red candle to remove negative energy.


This can be used when you are sensing outside interference in things also.

And if you have a bit of competition in a relationship -tis said- Energy Flipping can be used for that also but you must write the persons name on the candle that is interfering.

Have a great day and flip away!!!!!