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flower moonFULL FLOWER MOON is the name of Mays full moon this May 31st.

May’s Full Flower Moon, is a time of increased fertility with increased temperatures.   Full Flower Moon makes it warm enough for safely bearing young, planting as frost as past, and many flowers are in bloom.  It is said that in the full moon of this month, brushes are filled with color to paint the flowers. That the flowers grow at night and dance in the moonlight.
Other cultures and religions have different names for the Full Flower Moon.  In Algonquian it is the strawberry moon. Other names include the hare moon, the corn planting moon, and the milk moon.
Coincidentally enough, it is a great time for a proposal when on the 31st of May.

Full Moon Folklore

  • Clothes washed for the first time in the full Moon will not last long.
  • The full Moon is an ideal time to accept a proposal of marriage.
On a Full Moon , you may “draw down the moon”.  This is consider a Pagan and or ancient belief by some, but can be done no matter your belief.
A simple way to enjoy this without the ritual, is to step outside under the full moon, preferably naked.  Raise your arms and breathe in the moonlight, let it enter your body and feel it flow through you.
Proceed to “bathe” yourself in the glow even rubbing in on your skin.
Allow yourself to absorb the feminine energy of the moonlight.
This can be a very powerful, uplifting experience and bring a feeling of inner beauty, spirituality and calmness.



VALENTINE FUN or anytime



Here’s a fun little thing to do and use for a “lovers” VALENTINE evening or any evening.  A little chocolate, some champagne (drink of choice) and LOVERS MASSAGE OIL
Recipe for lovers massage oil
A floral, earthen, exotic, and sweet blend that appeals to male and female.
1/2 cup organic carrier oil (jojoba, olive oil, almond oil)
20 drops organic Lavender essential oil
15 drops organic Cedarwood essential oil
  2 drop organic Ylang Ylang essential oil (may use orange)
Drop all essential oils into a glass bottle, add Jojoba oil, and roll bottle between palms to blend oils. Decorate with a ribbon and pretty label if desired. Shake well before each use. Perfect for VALENTINES and don’t forget the candles.  And of course, may be used through out the year!!!!!!
Love is not just for Valentine!!!!!

Imbolc Blessings… February 2nd

Imbolc falls on Feb.. 2, 2015.  It is  also known as Groundhog Day (when if the gopher sees his shadow winter continues).

Snow is on the ground and it seems as if winter will not end.  However, with the arrival of Imbolc comes the hope of Spring.   It is a time to call upon the universe to warm and heal us.  It is a time to be inspired.  To feel renewed and know that the winter is behind us.  

The use of healing herbs for our mind, body and spirit to get us through is quiet common.  Think of the warmth of cinnamon in the air, the healing of evergreen or eucalyptus.  The uplifting aroma of citrus to brighten the spirit may be used at anytime of the year, simply rub a yellow candle with lemon, lime or orange.   Herbs and citrus can be used in teas or a small amount sprinkled on a candle to release the aroma.  And of course, let’s not forget the concept of cooking.

Imbolc Blessings

We need to remind ourselves to use our power and the gift of the elements to balance, ground, and rejuvenate ourselves.   Use the color turquoise for healing and poetry to fan the flame of inspiration.

In Ireland and Scotland, the women make dolls from corn husks and carry them from home to home.  Her name is Bridget and she is decorated with flowers, shells, stones and ribbons.  Elements of the earth to be honored and cherished.   The children chant Bridget is coming, Bridget is coming.

Perhaps you could make a similar item at home and light a fire or candle to honor her and the earth.

Work on leaving the winter behind and prepare for a bright, new spring.   After all, Spring is coming and with it new growth and a new freshness.  Embrace it.



Bright Blessings to you


Insights by Sandra


NEW MOON-Last bring cycle of the year


This is the first day of the new moon and the last new moon of 2014.  It is a time for manifesting abundance in both our financial lives and out love relationships.  What we manifest now will carry us into the new year.
The New Moon in Capricorn is an earth element which suggests having a fresh fertile soil within the mind so the new “seeds” can be planted for the year ahead.
The previous moon cycle was one of letting go, and now it is time to plant the seeds for love and prosperity for the coming year.
It is a time for reflecting on our priorities and drawing these to us as we move into a loving and abundant state of being in the year of 2015.
This is an 8 year 2+0+1+5, and a year to bring in what you want.  However, be clear, if you do not know what you want you may draw a liability.
This is a year to be specific and realistic. Remember , you are planting seeds.
The eight year is a time of self empowerment which often begins with realizing how little power we have and that it is entirely up to you to regain that strength and draw the positive to you.
To start
Take a blank check and write it out to yourself, in the amount write paid in full, do not limit yourself to an amount, sign it THE LAW OF ABUNDANCE.
Place it on a shelf and let the universe do it’s job.
On a clean sheet of paper, write 10 things you desire, or want to accomplish in the new year, remember you are planting seeds to grow.
And above all,
Think of all the abundance you have in your life already!!  Be grateful for the blessings you have in your life and enjoy!!!!
Happy Holidays!!!!



About the Winter Solstice Tradition

Winter solstice, also known as Yule, is the shortest day and the longest night of the year.  It is a time of both foreboding and expectancy, but remember  the longest night leads to the reviving of the sun. It is a turning point, and allows us a rest while waiting for growth to begin again.  This is also the day before the last new moon of 2014 , a bring cycle, making it a perfect time for new beginnings we want to manifest in the new year.
Winter Solstice  is when the sun reaches its southern and northern points from the equator and seems to pause before reversing course. “Solstice” in Latin means “the sun standing still.”
In ancient times, observers watched the sun sink lower in the sky each day, and feared it would disappear completely and leave them in darkness.
Many cultures practice special rituals intended to entice the sun’s return. Bonfires and candles, with their imitative magic, help to strengthen the waning sun and ward off the spirits of darkness. These symbols live on in our modern seasonal customs: the candles of Hanukkah and Christmas are kin to the fiery rites of old, which celebrated the miracle of the earth’s renewal.
These traditions reflect our need to come together in times of extended darkness. We celebrate not only the rebirth of the sun, but the community of life on earth.
Again this Winter Solstice coincides with the New moon tomorrow, the last one of the year!!!  Think and meditate on your desires and manifestations for the coming year!!!



On December 5th we will have our last full moon of the year.  It also brings us into the last release cycle of 2014.  Time to let all the old year go.

We all have accumulated a lot of baggage during the year and it is time to release it  in this Last Release cycle of 2014.  Werther  it is an old romance that no longer is growing, an old habit, or those old clothes in the closet.

It is hard in our society to see fallow or hard times in the proper perspective.   Think of it as a time of hibernating.  Instead of our focus being on the outside world, use it as a time to clean our own cave.

Fear of letting go can block this.  Also fear of not having.  We will stay in a relationship that no longer serves our higher good.  It is time to clear the negativity out of ourselves and our relationships.

We will hang onto clutter that we know we may use again (it more than likely is so outdated).  Even the broken vase we are going to repair.  And what about the things we are going to yard sell?

Perhaps it is time to start that goodwill bag.

Times when nothing are happening are times to use to access what give you pleasure, what interests you, what is really important in life.   And what is unnecessary fluff.  And above all to see how you can clear your mind.

So on this last release cycle of 2014, Let go of the old, delete, make room for new.

As Nike would say–Just do it!!!!


Below you will find 2 simple candle exercises if you choose:



One Red Candle

One White Candle

On the day after the full moon , Light the red candle and then the white.  The red of for a higher vibration for action, the white is protection and calm.

Let them burn until out.



One green candle

One white Candle

On the day after the full moon, write on a piece of paper –Please remove all obstacles interfering with _____your desire ___________Light the green then the white

Let them burn until out

I use the glass jar candles that burn for 7 days.  I place mine on a cookie sheet or in the fireplace in case of cracking.  If you must put them out, snuff do not blow and relight asap.

The key is to put them where they are visible to remind you of your purpose.


For more ideas or concepts on clearing your life, a psychic reading with can help to inspire you!!!!


Full Cold Moon

full moon cold moon

Full Moon Cold Moon December 2014

The full moon on December 6th 2014, is called the Full Cold Moon,  It is the month the winter cold tightens it’s grip and nights become long and dark.

Some Native American tribes call it Long Nights Moon.

In Europe and the Southern hemisphere it is also called the Oak Moon.

This Full Cold Moon is also the last “Release” cycle of the year.

Time to let go of things that no longer have a positive influence on our lives .  Outdated ideas, things from the past, a toxic relationship be it friend, lover or even that negative relative or job.

The full moon is time to make powerful statements about how you wish your life to be.

And the waning moon (the day after) is perfect for reducing, letting go and releasing all those thoughts and situations that no longer serve you.

Including weight loss and moving from an old home!

On this full moon DECEMBER 6th, have a personal celebration, “dance beneath the full moon”. Embrace change in the coming year!!!

Draw down the energy of the moon and let go of all baggage and CELEBRATE LIFE WITH YOUR LIFE!!!!!


Twin Flames -what are they?


Many things have been written about the idea of twin flames.  The concept has drawn much controversy and criticism.
However, at the very core of our nature and on a deep personal level, every person has and/or will sense that magnetic pull towards an individual.
The one the for no known reason, we feel an almost magnetic pull toward, we connect with them on a very deep level.
They fill our thoughts and consciously or not, affect the actions we take.   We are drawn to them like a moth to the flame.
It is believed that at one time twin flames were one soul and at a certain time split into two and went their separate ways to gather new information and experiences.  It was to allow them to grow through different lives.  Sometime this was an agreement to guarantee they would reconnect in another life.
Even though it was so each could grow, each one searched for the other (usually without knowing) with whom to share these experiences.
This unfulfilled desire made the two souls desperately look for each other through every ascension of their lives.  
Sometime they met in an incarnation, while in others they keep seeking, always with just a little something missing.  The fragmented soul does not become complete unit it finds the other. 
Although two souls can and do live happily side by side, the togetherness of the split soul or twin flame brings something far greater.
It is believed we have only one twin soul with whom we keep sharing encounters in subsequent lives, until the full journey of human experience is completed.  Sometime the universe brings them together while sometime it keeps them apart but each union brings a higher high.
The “meeting” in this lifetime, when you meet your twin flame for the first time is a connection you make instantly without question.  It is a recognition so accurate that you do not question it.  Many things and events have brought you to this point so the moment you meet your twin flame your heart opens quickly to merge into a unified energy.  And as the two of you merge, the outside world disappears and an unforgettable bond is made.  You shall search for it years.

Although this is an unbelievable chemistry, it does not necessarily mean the two of you are ready for an immediate romance in this time frame. Hang ups and conditioning from the past lives may make the conscious mind guard itself from vulnerability.   It may take some cleansing to remove the effects of the residual from other lives.  Without the work one or both tries to fit the other into the old love patterns, and it can move from a blazing chemistry into a mellow courtship and finally an uninspiring relationship.   

When it is right, there is a sense of completeness that is beyond description and the twin flames come closer and closer with each experience shared with one another.  They learn more about themselves than they would from another person,  This is the sign of having found your twin flame and can only be felt once the twins reach the stage of harmony with each other.  Again it takes work.
Twin flames can be of the same sex, they may share a huge age difference and they will meet under the strangest of circumstances.  But they will fit together.
Soulmate and twin flame are often confused with each other.  The one difference is a soulmates have agreed to reincarnate to help each other learn from each other and to act as guides,  This pattern can continue or it can end in one lifetime,  There are usually more than one.  However, thee exists only one twin flame for you in your entire journey of human existences.
“Only this one soul is going to be your vice and you, it’s versa”
Sandra can also be found at

FUN FOLKLORE white flowers—

moom white flowers

Fun Folklore


If you wish to have good fortune in the coming month

 Tis said, on the day of the new moon put some white flowers in a vase of silver or glass and stand them in a window where the moonlight can shine on them.

They will not only be good to look at, but will attract the beneficial influence of the moon and if you have grown the flowers yourself, all the better as your love and energy are placed on them.

The new moon is from dark to full.


Tis also said

When sitting around the fireplace==

Two nuts are named, each for a potential lover, and put on a grate in the fire. She who wants to know the future watches and waits. If a nut burns true and steady, it indicates the lover will have a faithful nature; if it pops in the heat, it indicates the man is not to be trusted.


Just a bit of Fun Folk Lore

Negative energy- relationships

images (8)


Negative energy continues to live and breathe daily in all walks of life.

It is hard to get away from however, we can choose to absorb it or release it.  Clear ourselves of it, breath deep and let it go.

Complaining, listening to complaints (not problems) anger, frustration, etc. only perpetuates the negative energy.  Dark cannot live in light.   And complaining about your relationship is a huge magnet for a negative virus.

This is true of relationship of all sorts, love work, children and complaining about ourselves.  Now we all know venting for a bit is natural so realize I am talking about the constant negativity where we are not looking for a solution but the “if only they would” , “I told him==”  “he just doesn’t get it”  do you?.

In a relationship one of the things we are prone to do is to complain about our mates to our friends, strangers, anyone that listens.  Do we feel this makes us look better?  Kind of a martyr?  If it is that bad==leave.

But many complaints are out of habit and sometime we even feel, humor.   It is natural but we need to learn when it is founded, fun, or perpetuating more unrest and unhappiness in the relationship itself.  Choosing a “negative” and giving it so much energy allows it to grow and fester.  And also when it is fear based.

How many  times do we ever sit and tell our friends over a glass of wine or coffee, all the good things about our partner?  Try it!  You will be amazed at how dumbfounded people will be but above all, you will be astounded at how many good things there are about them!!  And you.

If by chance not, then is it time to review the relationship.

One of the biggest causes of negative energy is fear.  Fear and negative energy grow in your thoughts and create an anger.    Anger is a result of a feeling–shame, fear, to name a few.  It is said–the higher the anger, the lower the self-esteem.     Are we belittling to try to make us seem better?  Do we not feel we deserve a good person?   Are we afraid we must answer up?  Our own lives should be filled with other things to talk about.

When we are in a relationship, it is important to remember to praise both to them and to others.  You will find it makes you feel better, it hopefully makes you want to be better to bring out the best in them.  I repeat, it makes you want to be better to bring out the best in them.  Not badger, complain, whine,  if there is an issue, address it as it comes and be done with it.   Start with “I”  ie –when this happens “I” feel yada yada.

Now I am not saying be a doormat, all relationship have problems.  And some just aren’t meant to be or continue.  But a relationship is work, respect, growth.  Not everyone is right for us but may be for someone else.  It is not winning or failing, it is about learning and loving.  Do not fear “not having” it breeds desperation, control, and do not fear giving a compliment without expecting one in return.  Truly “give” it.

Times have changed with all the social media , I am constantly told –I talked to someone on-line, is he the one? cause if not I do not want to waste my time…….gee I don’t know, sounds like you have already kicked off the “hello” expecting (with a fear of) it failing.   Doesn’t say much for your confidence.  Do you really want to start with the fear of failing? or look at it as a new opportunity?  Ask what can we do to enhance each others lives?

Let’s not set our partners and ourselves up to fail from the very beginning.  Let’s put little baby steps in front of both of us to step up to.  Little goals to work on along the way, not let it build because of our fear to speak.   Or sacrifice our self-esteem and feelings for fear of not having someone.   This builds resentment and anger and with that all the negativity breeds.


So for one day, whenever you talk about your person–say only the good things about them.  You will both feel better and the light will shine.




There is a movie called the “Time Traveler”  it is a father and son who can travel back in time.  At the end when the father is dying he tells the son the secret to a positive attitude—-live your day, then at night go back to morning and relive it with a different attitude, you can see how it changes all around you.”  Soon you will learn to not let little things bother you  or to look at them with a different attitude.–


As an exercise, with your partner——sit across from them holding hands,  do not talk.  Just look at each other for 3 to 5 min.  and think of all the things you liked about each other in the beginning.   The times you laughed the hardest.   Then when done write some of them down and read them to each other.  It is amazing what we forget when we get caught up in the everyday chaos of life.


To remove the fear of “not having” be it partner, money or chocolate

In the release cycle of the moon–full to new


Light a white candle and then a red candle and give it all your fear