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posting by noted astrologers

Law of Abundance New Moon

The best time to practice the Law of Abundance is at the new moon.   A bring cycle, this simple exercise works wonders!


To start
Take a blank check and write it out to yourself, in the amount write paid in full, do not limit yourself to an amount, sign it THE LAW OF ABUNDANCE.
Place it on a shelf and let the universe do it’s job.
On a clean sheet of paper, write 10 things you desire, or want to accomplish in the new year, remember you are planting seeds to grow.
Thirdly , if you like
Light a green candle to draw money
Pink to draw love
Yellow for uplifting
And above all,
Think of all the abundance you have in your life already!!  Be grateful for the blessings you have in your life and enjoy!!!!
Have a great and prosperous life!!


flower moonFULL FLOWER MOON is the name of Mays full moon this May 31st.

May’s Full Flower Moon, is a time of increased fertility with increased temperatures.   Full Flower Moon makes it warm enough for safely bearing young, planting as frost as past, and many flowers are in bloom.  It is said that in the full moon of this month, brushes are filled with color to paint the flowers. That the flowers grow at night and dance in the moonlight.
Other cultures and religions have different names for the Full Flower Moon.  In Algonquian it is the strawberry moon. Other names include the hare moon, the corn planting moon, and the milk moon.
Coincidentally enough, it is a great time for a proposal when on the 31st of May.

Full Moon Folklore

  • Clothes washed for the first time in the full Moon will not last long.
  • The full Moon is an ideal time to accept a proposal of marriage.
On a Full Moon , you may “draw down the moon”.  This is consider a Pagan and or ancient belief by some, but can be done no matter your belief.
A simple way to enjoy this without the ritual, is to step outside under the full moon, preferably naked.  Raise your arms and breathe in the moonlight, let it enter your body and feel it flow through you.
Proceed to “bathe” yourself in the glow even rubbing in on your skin.
Allow yourself to absorb the feminine energy of the moonlight.
This can be a very powerful, uplifting experience and bring a feeling of inner beauty, spirituality and calmness.



Full Cold Moon

full moon cold moon

Full Moon Cold Moon December 2014

The full moon on December 6th 2014, is called the Full Cold Moon,  It is the month the winter cold tightens it’s grip and nights become long and dark.

Some Native American tribes call it Long Nights Moon.

In Europe and the Southern hemisphere it is also called the Oak Moon.

This Full Cold Moon is also the last “Release” cycle of the year.

Time to let go of things that no longer have a positive influence on our lives .  Outdated ideas, things from the past, a toxic relationship be it friend, lover or even that negative relative or job.

The full moon is time to make powerful statements about how you wish your life to be.

And the waning moon (the day after) is perfect for reducing, letting go and releasing all those thoughts and situations that no longer serve you.

Including weight loss and moving from an old home!

On this full moon DECEMBER 6th, have a personal celebration, “dance beneath the full moon”. Embrace change in the coming year!!!

Draw down the energy of the moon and let go of all baggage and CELEBRATE LIFE WITH YOUR LIFE!!!!!


Grand Cross Energy Lifted

Hi, Everyone,


There is a big shift of energy occurring this week, and it will start to feel like life is finally moving forward. This is a week to take action and get positive results!

The Grand cross energy has lifted, and we are not out of the eclipse period. There have been lingering effects and changes from both, but life should start to feel more stable.

Mars, the planet of war, ambition, and drive, stationed direct on May 20th, 2014 at 9 degrees of Libra. Mars is in a very difficult placement in the relationship oriented sign of Libra, where it has been since December 8, 2013. To add to that, Mars was further debilitated when it went retrograde on March 2, 2014.

Mars in retrograde has put us all in review mode for the past couple of months; not to mention that it is very irritable in the sign of Libra. Now that Mars is direct, expect things to MOVE forward in a more fluid manner and expect to get results! Mars retrogrades once every two years, so we are done with that for a while now.

Pay attention to when Mars returns to 13 degrees of Libra on June 16, 2014. You might feel the energy a few days before and after the 16th. This was the degree of the Grand cross, which Mars set off on April 23, 2014. If there are certain issues you are still struggling with from the spring, June should help to bring closure and answers to these issues, which the Grand Cross summoned.

Another lucky combination that occurs this week is that Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, makes a beautiful trine to Saturn, the planet of structure and responsibility. This energy began on March 19, 2014 and will impact us through May 29, 2014. This helps to bring form to goals, so now is the time to go for it! — Tisch ie Jupiter in love on keenGrand_Cross_by_CaptainJuu-238x300