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tidbits and sayings to inspire the soul

Fun Folklore ~~ Rich husband

Fun Folklore

Fun Folklore


~Tis said~

The one who takes the last piece of pie, shall find a rich husband


That must have come back in the day when being heavy was a sign of abundance.  Men like fat wives as it showed they were good providers!

In all the times I ate that last piece of pie (and my Granny made great pie) not one rich man knocked on my  door with a ring.


Have a great day and enjoy the pie

Law of Abundance New Moon

The best time to practice the Law of Abundance is at the new moon.   A bring cycle, this simple exercise works wonders!


To start
Take a blank check and write it out to yourself, in the amount write paid in full, do not limit yourself to an amount, sign it THE LAW OF ABUNDANCE.
Place it on a shelf and let the universe do it’s job.
On a clean sheet of paper, write 10 things you desire, or want to accomplish in the new year, remember you are planting seeds to grow.
Thirdly , if you like
Light a green candle to draw money
Pink to draw love
Yellow for uplifting
And above all,
Think of all the abundance you have in your life already!!  Be grateful for the blessings you have in your life and enjoy!!!!
Have a great and prosperous life!!

Healing self


Most of us have been hurt along the way.  Especially when it comes to relationships, be it soulmates, love relationships, or even friendships.

The key is in the healing self.  Learning to trust again.  Mainly healing ourselves to trust ourselves, to believe in our own intuition, to follow our “gut” feeling.

Healing self calls for some realistic viewing of the situation, especially relationships and accepting our part “if only”  and “yeah but” and take a look at the realistic way the relationship really was all along, and you will see many times we are in “wish” mode.  And waiting for the person to change.

We can only change ourselves and this will change the energies around you.

We cannot look for a person , place or thing to make us happy.  It is an inside job.

Healing self–treat yourself as you would want others to treat you, love yourself, be good to you let go of the past-it is after all-PAST!  Turn you eyes forward and allow your heart to open to healing self.

The pain in our lives does not define us, it makes us learn, grow and become stronger!!

What an awesome individual you are!!