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growth and tranformation

New Moon Butterfly Ritual

new moon ritual

Butterfly Transformation

The new moon is always a time for new beginnings and a perfect time to perform a New Moon Butterfly Ritual.  This new moon on Sept. 20th, is right before the Autumn equinox.  A perfect time to make some transformations.  To spread your wings with a New Moon Butterfly Ritual and recognize yourself in all your beauty and wonder.  It is also the time the last of the Monarch butterflies make their long migratory journey to Mexico after all their transformations of the summer, so it seems a very appropriate time for this particular ritual.


For the new moon Butterfly Ritual, create a space to offer thanks to deceased family and other loved ones.  As it is a time of Harvest, decorate it with Autumn colors.  Use leaves, acorns and other symbols of fall and harvest.

Place a candle in the space you are using for your new moon Butterfly Ritual.  Think of using orange, brown, green and yellows, colors of the harvest.  White also represents transformation, cleansing and also finding your own inner light.

Call upon your ancestors to support and empower your transformation ritual with spiritual power and the blessings of other worlds.

Quiet your mind and reflect on things in your life you would like to change.  Honor and give thanks to those you have helped you grow both past and present.

Thank the universe for the lessons you have learned.

Now look forward into coming year and Picture yourself as you want to be in the next phase of your life, taking on a new shape , new values, goals and fulfilling your Divine purpose.  Stretching and Spreading your wings.  Breathing deeply.

Ask your future Self, “How will you have me change to be the best “me” I can be?”

Allow this time to be a free-flowing exchange between your now self and your future Self and all your past selves.

What does the present me need for transition into a Butterfly.

How shall I live my life as a Butterfly?  What can I do to spread my wings?  

What must I thank and leave in the past for my future Self to expand?

and Above all realize you are beautiful in all your stages!!!

Excerpt from the Butterfly Woman “The Self need not carry mountains to transform. A little is enough, a little goes a long way, and a little changes much.”

End your ritual with a prayer of thanks and don’t forget to thank yourself.


“I am loved and supported. I am beautiful through all my transitions that are allowing me to reach contentment in my life.”

After completing your Butterfly Transformation Ritual you may wish to write down your immediate feelings and thoughts to refer to as you continue your transformation.


A beautiful story available on c.d. or small book  to read is

La Mariposa~The Butterfly Woman  (found in Women who run with  Wolves) By Clarissa Pinkola Estes

or you may find La Mariposa in full here

La Mariposa, Butterfly Woman


Change your life? change the tune

play a different song

change life, change tune

All my life I heard my Granny say “stop sounding like a broken record, change your life change your tune”.  Being preteen and teen, I had no concept of what that meant.  It was much easier being caught in the drama of my own small world.
As we become older those “tunes” , songs, broken records begin to play automatically.  We seem to be program to think negative.  Our subconscious holds onto every negative word and criticism.  It seems I heard once we have about a 1000 neg. thoughts per min. compared to 10 positive in our subconscious.   So the key is to keep our mind busy with new songs until  we reprogram the old.
Changing the tune
Through consistent focused repetition and action with clear intentions (keyword-clear intentions) we can change the broken record so it does not continue to repeat over and over.  This includes the repeated patterns in finding relationships.  Often we just want someone for the sake of having someone because we have been programmed that is what we should do.  Never mind if they are singing the same song in harmony.
First and more than likely hardest, is relaxing the mind so you can hear the music.  A relaxed state of mind instantly
shows confidence to you subconscious mind and allows you to put in a new program.  Much like in a relationship, you staying relaxed and confident allows your partner to see you are clear on who you are.
Force never works!  All that does is cause tension and resistance in all areas but especially in your brain.  What does work is repetition, reprogramming, singing a different tune.
With repetition, your positive commands will become firmer, stronger and charged with a magnetic energy that acts in a positive way.  You know how you listen to a new song over and over?  Next thing you know, you automatically know the words without thinking.
Chanting your new tune and mantras has a powerful effect on the subconscious mind.
“change my life, change my tune”  I actually made up a song with things in it and sang it constantly (to the tune of Oh! Susanna) changing verses as needed.  I sang it loudly , in the car, at home and in my head while shopping.  It became a sort of positive game to make up the verses. And of course that also kept me focused on the positive, as well as laughing at myself for being silly.
Rhythmic and musical repetition of your affirmations has a soothing,  hypnotic effect on your subconscious mind. Your words will easily take root when chanted repetitively with musical rhythm.
Be aware of the subtle changes.  This helps you feel encouraged.  Your affirmations are working, as well as training your mind to look for and focus on what’s working in your life.
 Tis said , it takes 21 days to form a habit, it probably takes longer to break one.
Be open to seeing results come easily when you are not grasping and fighting but rather training your mind to see the positive that does work and release what does not.   This will allow you to create more of what does work.  And to hum a lovely tune that will change your life.  This is also true of putting more positive thought into a relationship.  So you may see, not only do you need to change your life by changing your tune, you need someone who is listening to the same type of music.
Remember it is not what happens in your life, but how you choose to respond to it that gives you your results.