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FUN FOLKLORE white flowers—

moom white flowers

Fun Folklore


If you wish to have good fortune in the coming month

 Tis said, on the day of the new moon put some white flowers in a vase of silver or glass and stand them in a window where the moonlight can shine on them.

They will not only be good to look at, but will attract the beneficial influence of the moon and if you have grown the flowers yourself, all the better as your love and energy are placed on them.

The new moon is from dark to full.


Tis also said

When sitting around the fireplace==

Two nuts are named, each for a potential lover, and put on a grate in the fire. She who wants to know the future watches and waits. If a nut burns true and steady, it indicates the lover will have a faithful nature; if it pops in the heat, it indicates the man is not to be trusted.


Just a bit of Fun Folk Lore