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Client Testimonials

Here are some client testimonials for Sandra which details some positive feedback from happy customers around the world who have used Insights by Sandra to gain clarity and perspective in their lives.


o Sandy has guided me through a relationship that’s been nothing but heartbreaking. Always letting me know when he was lying and would tell it to me straight when he was cheating. “But” she would say to me.. “he’ll be back around in a month.” And he would & i’d take him back! Years of that! Finally I have someone who loves me and only me & after 13 yrs i told the ex “sorry, there will be no more coming back. Sandy told me she was proud of me & told me my new guy really loves me. Thank you sandy, for always being there and guiding me through it all. Luv U


    • Glad you were available post follow up visit. What an exciting afternoon. Good news from the doctor then running into you know who. You have been right on so many occasions and I value your insight and advice. Thank you so much.


    • Thank you for the delightful conversation on my trip down home. Things are so much better, and I have you to thank for part of that. You have always been there for me no matter what the situation. Thanks again Sandy. Love ya and many blessings


    • Great call! Leaving this feedback on 4/30 and looking back at the notes i took during the reading everything she said played out as she said it would


    • Just wanted to leave positive feedback for ya and to thank you for your info. When we spoke on Friday you said he’d contact by Tuesday/Wednesday or by Sunday. He called Saturday and hadn’t spoken to him in a month. You were right on target 😉 


    • You gotta call this reader!! She is AMAZZZIIINNNG!!! Blew my mind with her accuracy on the last prediction she gave me and the timeframe was TO THE DAY!!! CALL HER!!!


    •  Sandy is my go-to person for anything and everything where I need some insight and guidance. She has been able to see things that other psychic readers have not seen and give me detailed and specific information into the questions I have for her. Call her, you won’t be disappointed.


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