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Pathway to Prosperity #1


The Pathway to Prosperity 

Lesson one – Success And Happiness Are For You.

No man has a right, unless he can not help himself, to remain where he will be constantly subjected to the cramping, ambition-blocking influences and great temptations of poverty. His self-respect demands that he should get out of such an environment. It is his duty to put himself in a position of dignity and independence where he will not be liable at any moment to be a burden to his friends in case of sickness or other emergencies, or where those depending on him may suffer.

Prosperity begins in the mind and is impossible to achieve with a mental attitude which is hostile to it. We can not attract opulence mentally by a poverty-stricken attitude which is driving away what we long for. We must think prosperity before we can come to it.  What we have, not what we do not have.

Our circumstances in life, our financial condition, our poverty or our wealth, our friends or lack of them, our condition of harmony or discord, are all very largely the offspring of our thought.  And we have the power to change this.

Success comes through a perfectly scientific mental process. The man who becomes prosperous believes that he is going to be prosperous. He has faith in his ability to make money. He does not start out with his mind filled with doubts and fears, and all the time talk poverty and think poverty, walk like a pauper and dress like a pauper. He turns his face towards the thing he is trying for and is determined to get, and will not allow its opposite picture in his mind.

The man who expects prosperity is constantly creating money in his mind, building his financial structure mentally. There must be a mental picture of the prosperity first; the building around it is comparatively easy.

To be prosperous we must put ourselves in the prosperous attitude, in a bring mode. We must think as a prosperous being, we must feel opulent in thought; we must exhale confidence and assurance in our very bearing and manner. Our mental attitude towards the thing we are striving for and the intelligent effort we put forth to realize it, will measure our attainment.

The man who would succeed must think success, must think upward. He must think progressively, creatively, constructively, inventively, and  above all, optimistically.

The mental attitude which we hold toward our work or our aim has everything to do with what we accomplish.

Many positive minds become negative by influences which destroy their self-confidence. They gradually lose faith in themselves.

The whole philosophy of efficiency and happiness consist in the vigorous, consistent affirmation of the thing we are trying to be, and trying to do.





Abundance is my true state of being


I am now ready to accept it fully and joyously




I am now ready to accept all the joy and prosperity


life has to offer




I am rich, well and happy