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reverse negative

Energy Flipping



Red stick candles bring energy. So it is safe to say that if you flip that candle and light it from the bottom the energy will go away.


The term “flipping a candle” first started with the Gypsies in Brussels. They would do this to not get caught committing a crime (do not use it for that however J).


If you want something to go away , take a red stick candle and cut the top off the candle so that you can properly place it in a candle holder.  Cut the wax around the bottom so the wick is exposed. Place the candle upside down in the holder and light the wick you have exposed, releasing all negative energy around you.  “Voila”! A good Day.


Flipping red candles with the intent to release negative energy can be done at any time.  There is never a bad time to flip a red candle.  I sometime do this before any other spell to remove any neg . in the room and  try remember to do it whenever having a bad day.   Good Luck and Bright Blessings.