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flower moonFULL FLOWER MOON is the name of Mays full moon this May 31st.

May’s Full Flower Moon, is a time of increased fertility with increased temperatures.   Full Flower Moon makes it warm enough for safely bearing young, planting as frost as past, and many flowers are in bloom.  It is said that in the full moon of this month, brushes are filled with color to paint the flowers. That the flowers grow at night and dance in the moonlight.
Other cultures and religions have different names for the Full Flower Moon.  In Algonquian it is the strawberry moon. Other names include the hare moon, the corn planting moon, and the milk moon.
Coincidentally enough, it is a great time for a proposal when on the 31st of May.

Full Moon Folklore

  • Clothes washed for the first time in the full Moon will not last long.
  • The full Moon is an ideal time to accept a proposal of marriage.
On a Full Moon , you may “draw down the moon”.  This is consider a Pagan and or ancient belief by some, but can be done no matter your belief.
A simple way to enjoy this without the ritual, is to step outside under the full moon, preferably naked.  Raise your arms and breathe in the moonlight, let it enter your body and feel it flow through you.
Proceed to “bathe” yourself in the glow even rubbing in on your skin.
Allow yourself to absorb the feminine energy of the moonlight.
This can be a very powerful, uplifting experience and bring a feeling of inner beauty, spirituality and calmness.




candle magicCandle lighting has been around for centuries and used for romance, entertaining and decor among many other uses.

Candle lighting for energy shifting is also an effective way of using candles to change the vibrations in a room or home.  Often we need a little push from the universe, a little shift in energy and candles are a great way to accomplish this.

You do not need a big ritual, just a candle and some good thoughts.  Think how candle lighting can set a romantic mood!

We live in a sea of living energy that is in constant motion. The candle is our “potential” energy source. Our spirit is our psychic source. When we combine the energy potential with the psychic energy of our spirit, we create a force that will influence the universe around us.

Remember you have a great responsibility to yourself and to others to use your knowledge in a constructive and healing way. Don’t try to bend the will of others and remember Karma. Keep your intent clear.

Candle magic or candle lighting will not solve your problems overnight but it is a powerful tool. It can also help you to realize that events can be altered and influenced by will. We are not helpless bystanders.

Later, I will discuss a bit about the flame but for now, Keep it simple.   A candle, a thought, a clear intent is all that is needed to start your candle  lighting for energy shifting.

Please do not use broken or dirty candles for the candles to shift energy.  The candle should be for purpose and again the intention clear.

(sometime, it is good to get a reading first, to make sure you know the truth of the matter)

Below is a simple candle lighting for energy shifting “spell”:


You will need

1 yellow candle

1 lemon

Simply light the yellow candle with a twist of citrus rind and voila!  an uplifted mood!  Positive energy in the room.  /can be done anytime.

It is recommended you use the 7 day glass jar candles and let them burn.  I place mine on a pie time or a saucer with a bit of water in case the jar cracks.  If you must put out the candle===snuff it, do not blow and relit as soon as possible.