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Chakra Balancing

For a quick balancing of the Chakras
Chakras_10 (1)

Lay your hand on each of the Chakras beginning at the Root chakra and the sacral chakra


at each point, slowly -breath in to the count of 8 and exhale to the count of 8


 remove the hand from the root chakra and place on the solar plexus


repeat breath

continue this with each chakra until you reach and complete the crown chakra


then-point your thumb  to the root chakra and draw a line straight up to the crown 3 x’s


 on the last line,  turn an imaginary key and touch each shoulder



Balanced for the day!!!


This should lift your spirits for the day!


There is no wrong way to do this and as you continue, it will come easily and automatically.
As you begin to repeat this, you will find you can do it anywhere , anytime to help to maintain a sense of balance, calm and well being.   Works great in crowded stores or high stress situations.
Just run the three lines up the center, lock it in and go on about your business at hand.
Keeping your center will allow you to deal with almost any situation.  Remember to always try to come from a position of higher self!
This is a great time on our planet and we all have a part to play just by being willing to be our magnificent, true, higher selves.




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